Northwest Africa 849 Etched Meteorite Slice

An extra large full slice of the North West Africa 849 meteorite. This is a fine example of a coarse octahedrite (Og) silicated iron meteorite. The original meteorite had a total mass of 12000 grams. This specimen of the NWA 849 meteorite weighs 710 grams. Dimensions are about 5 1/2" (140mm) x 4 3/4" (135mm) x 1/4" (8mm).

Original name: Sidi Al hai Al arbi
Date of find: December 18, 2000 Lat/Long: 33°04.18, 1°41.30
Description: iron, Og with Silicate, As 11.1 µg/g, Ir 2.10 µg/g, Pt 6.8 µg/g, Au 1.499 µg/g
Info: classified by F. Wlotzka (MPI) and M. Kurz (Schillerstrasse 7, D-34626 Neukirchen, Germany); type specimen, MPI; main mass, Kurz.

Price: $945.00

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